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Attic Clean Outs

When was the last time you were in your attic? Many people only occasionally head up into their attics, using them as storage spaces. However, once things go up in the attic, you might forget about them. Before you know it, your attic is bursting with junk, you cannot find the things you need, and you have run out of storage space. This is when you need to get an attic clean out service scheduled.

Take It Away Today can help. We offer professional attic cleanout services. We help you get rid of your junk, organize your space, and reclaim your attic.

Attic cleanouts can be challenging. It can be difficult to get into your attic. Attics are often not climate controlled, making them hot. Unfinished attics can be dirty, messy, and even itchy. They can even have structural issues that can make them dangerous. Combine those factors, and it is easy to see why you can get overwhelmed when you start the project. Professionals can help you out.

If you do tackle your attic clean out as a DIY, making a plan can help you streamline the process.

The first thing you need to do is make room. One of the most challenging things about an attic cleanout is the clutter. You need to have enough room to move around and to get things cleaned out. So, start out by clearing space, which may mean moving stuff out and down, even if you are not getting rid of it.

Next, you want to move out items that you want gone. Some of it will be trash, but other stuff you may want to donate. If you separate stuff into two groups as you go through it, you make the process more efficient. If you have the help of a company like Take It Away Today, we can streamline everything. We junk the stuff that will be trash and can even help you with stuff you want to recycle or donate.

Once you have the junk cleaned out, you are going to want to organize. However, many people skip an important step in between cleaning out and organizing- cleaning. Your attic does not need to be sparkling clean. However, you do want to take the opportunity to dust, check for rodents or insects (and address pests if they are an issue), look for any leaks or holes, and clean the floors. Starting with a clean base will help you have a space for organizing.

When you put your things back, do so in an organized manner. Make a plan for how you are going to store things. Most people have seasonal decorations, so you want to store them together. Put things you want to access frequently in easier-to-reach spots. Think carefully about storing any heavy items in the attic. Will you be able to get them down? Also, if the attic is not climate controlled, avoid storing heat sensitive items in the attic.

Attic Clean Out

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