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Kitchen Home Junk Removal Company in NJ

Junk Removal Service

Unless you are Marie Kondo, you have junk in your home or business. Junk is just a fact of life. We accumulate it and are often just too busy to get rid of it. Then, one day, we look up and realize the junk is about to take over. That point is different for every person, but when you get there, you want help.

That is where Take It Away Today comes in. We handle junk removal in a fast, efficient, economical, and environmentally responsible way. We upcycle and rehome as much junk as we can, donating things you consider junk to people that may use them. When rehoming is not possible, we recycle.

We take almost any type of normal household or business waste. We can take furniture, appliances, construction debris, electronics, toys, clothing, or even yard waste. We also remove it from anywhere in your home or yard, and we can come into your house to move it. You do not have to worry about getting it bagged up and setting it on the curb. We can do that for you. We even sweep up after ourselves, so your place is broom clean when we are gone.

We cannot take any materials that are hazardous. Generally, that means we cannot take chemicals or paints. While we normally take construction debris, if your home is old enough to contain asbestos, we may not be able to take that. However, our customer service specialists can answer any questions you may have about whether we can help you with your trash removal.

Junk Hauling

Getting the junk out of your house is just the first step. We also take it away. We handle the junk hauling. A huge part of junk hauling is recycling. We focus on donating usable items and recycling items that are no longer usable. While some of the stuff we haul away ends up in the trash, we are environmentally conscious at every step of the process.

Cleanout and Junk Removal Services In NJ
Home Cleanouts

Hoarder & Home Cleanout

With the rise of television shows featuring hoarders, more and more people are aware of the problem. However, they may not understand the heartache and emotional difficulty that comes with dealing with a hoarding situation. Whether you are a hoarder reaching out for help or trying to help a loved one, it can be a difficult, embarrassing, and emotional situation.

We handle hoarding home cleanouts with dignity, respect, and care. We offer discrete and efficient services, designed to quickly clean out a home, no matter how full it is, while still respecting the occupants.

Cleaning up a home that has become filled to the brim due to a hoarding problem is not your typical house cleanout. The process needs to be thoroughly planned, starting with getting the homeowner or tenant on board. This is an extremely sensitive situation, and while as an outsider, we are looking at a mound of junk, to people who have this disorder, this is THEIR stuff and THEIR possessions, that they are still clinging to for a reason. We let people have power over the process, while still gently encouraging cleanouts.

We also handle home cleanouts in other situations. Many people need houses cleaned after they have packed what they want for a move. Children often cleanout houses after a parent moves to assisted living or after a death. Those situations can all be very emotional, as well. That is why we handle all of our home cleanouts with respect, dignity, and care.

The Junk Removal & Hauling Process

To us, transparency is the key to a great customer relationship. We offer a variety of services including same day, next day, and same week services. We work in short 4-hour windows and notify you 20 minutes before we arrive.

For junk pickup and removal, the price is based on space and on the work, we need to do. Is your junk ready to go? Then, the price depends on how much space it will take on our truck. Do we need to bag it and load it? Then, we include the price for that work in our quote.

We also recycle, donate, or find a new home for everything we can. It is our commitment to you, and to future generations, to focus on current, responsible, environmental practices. We are proud of our record, and you will be too. We offer 24/7 Customer Service so if you have any problems, concerns or questions just call us at 1-833-864-8863.

Frequently Asked Questions

Junk Removal TruckHave questions about our Junk Removal or Moving Service? Check out some FAQs.

Ready To Remove Your Junk?

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If there are any questions you have before booking, please call us at (833) 864-8863 or fill out this short form below and our 24/7 customer service team will quickly be in touch. You may also want to read frequently asked questions about moving.

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