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Moving Services For Your Home & Business in NJ

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Moving Services For Your Home

Moving your house can range from exciting to terrifying, depending on why you are moving. Whether you are moving to your dream home or from your dream home, you can make the process easier. We customize our quotes to your moving situation. We work with your budget to plan the move that is right for you. That means we focus on what you are moving and how much of it you are taking. That means you get a quote that is based on you, not on a generic idea of what a move entails.

We specialize in local moves. Our movers can pack up your home, condo, or apartment and move your stuff from place to place in the space of day or two.

However, we can also help you with longer moves. We coordinate with other moving services to get your stuff packed and transported move should be customized around what you want, what type of items you are taking, and what meets your budget.

Think movers are too expensive for you? You may be surprised at just how affordable we can be. When you combine your time savings with our affordable pricing, many people find hiring Move It Away Today to be a less expensive option than a DIY move with a rented truck. Contact us for a free consultation. Call (855) 504-6683 today!

Moving Services
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Moving Services For Your Business

Whether you need to move a single office to an entire office building, Move It Away Today can help. We handle all types of business moving, from the mundane change of location to the messy dissolution of a business or partnership.

We know that offices are more than just workplaces. For many people, they are an extension of you. So, you can trust your belongings with us. We will treat your furniture, equipment, and files with care.

We also understand how important security can be. We keep your items safe while they are in our care. So, you do not have to worry about your customer’s privacy or giving away business secrets during your move.

You put your trust in us, and we will ensure your move is stress free! Call (855) 504-6683 for a free consultation today!

What Type of Moving Services Do You Offer?

Home Moving Service

Whether you are moving to your dream home, or simply down-sizing because you need less space now, Move It Away Today can help. We have all of your moving needs covered. We can also work with our partner company, Take It Away Today to help you get rid of items you do not want to take with you on your move.

Taking care of your items is our top priority. Our movers are professionals who take the time to take care of your items. Our well-trained Move Specialists will pad and stretch wrap all your belongings to ensure they are safely moved to your destination.

Of course, sometimes accidents can happen even when people are careful. That is why our team is licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Contact us today at (855) 504-6683 to get a no-obligation estimate!

Furniture Rearranging

Tired of looking at your house’s current arrangement, but not up to rearranging? No problem. Just point the way and our movers can rearrange your existing furniture in new ways. Whether moving it up or down stairs or just across the room, we can rearrange your current furniture.

We handle projects of every size, so contact us for a free consultation whether you want to move a single heavy item or rearrange your whole house.

Business Moving Service

Moving your office can be challenging. You not only have to worry about packing and moving your stuff, but also about doing it quickly so that you do not impact your work. At Move It Away Today, we are experts in business moves. Not only will we take care of your space, but we will also work around your schedule. We can handle the move in your office hours, minimizing any disruptions to your business.

We are licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Contact us today at (855) 504-6683 to get a no-obligation estimate!

Packing and Moving Supplies

We have all of the supplies you need to make your move go smoothly. We sell boxes, packing tape, blankets, and other moving supplies.

If you do not want to handle DIY packing, no problem. We also offer expert packing services. Our Move Specialists will safely box up your important kitchen items, neatly box pack your clothing, and ensure we wrap and blanket your furniture.

Our professional packing services will be tailored to your needs, and we can pack as little, or as much as you need. Just remember, whether you pack it, or we pack it, your boxes will be handled with the utmost care in our truck!

Pickup & Delivery Services

Sometimes you do not need to move houses, but just need to move items. If you are buying a big item, you may not be able to get it delivered or have the people to help you move it. If you are getting items from friends or family, why risk injuries and inconvenience by moving it yourself?

We can move those large items for you. Contact us today, and we schedule you a time to pick up the item from the location of your choice and deliver it inside your home.

We also handle commercial deliveries. If you need large items delivered to your customers, we can take care of that as well. We can even handle the packing.

Our highly trained move specialists quickly and safely will ensure the items get from point a to point b in an efficient manner! Call (855) 504-6683 Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

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