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What We Do?

Take It Away Today simply helps you remove anything you no longer want from your home or business.  However, just as importantly, we try to donate and recycle everything we can, because of your concern and our concern for the environment.  Many items find new homes.  Other items, like metals, wood and even paper, get recycled.

It is easier to tell you what we don’t take– hazardous materials of any kind.  Anything else is accepted.  You just point to it and in No time it will be taken away.  Appliances, construction debris, furniture, electronics, yard waste, toys, or clothing. If you own it and you want it gone, we will take it and try to find it a new home wherever possible, before disposing of the item.  It doesn’t matter whether it is in the basement, in the attic, or in the garage.

Simply point and your magic finger will make it disappear, with our help, of course.  Plus, when we are done your space will be broom clean.  No more dragging to the curb.  You call us.  You agree to a price. We do the rest.

Kitchen Home Junk Removal Company in NJ

The Process Is A Simple One

Our Process ensures you that the consumer receives the best price, quickest, and most environmentally safe way of getting rid of unwanted items.

Easy Appointment Booking

You can book online or call us at 1-833-86-It-Today. We can offer you same day, next day, or next week service.  Whatever works best for you.  Just give us a 4-hour window and we will call you 20 minutes before we will be there.

You Point and It’s Gone

Pricing is based on how much space your junk takes up on our truck.  From a minimum 1/12 to a full truckload, you only pay for the space you use.  No extra mileage costs.  We want everything included in the price we quote, before you give us permission to do the work, so the more details(a lot of items need to be bagged, etc), the better.

We Care About the Environment

When we leave you, our work is just beginning. Simply put, our goal is to dump as little as possible. We will recycle, donate, or find a new home for everything we can. It is our commitment to you, and to future generations, to focus on current, responsible, environmental practices. We are proud of our record and you will be too.

24/7 Customer Service

If you have any problems, concerns or questions just call us at 1-833-86-It-Today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our Junk Removal or Moving Service? Check out some FAQs.

Ready To Remove Your Junk?

Our professionals are standing by ready to haul it away. Book Today!

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