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Donation Pickup & Delivery

We will help you find a new home for any perfectly good item that you don’t want anymore. Whether it’s one piece or articles from a whole room or all items in the entire house, we will pick up and bring your things to a local donation center. It doesn’t have to be furniture that you donate. Other possibilities are:

Books, Toys, Electronics Junk Removal
Books, Toys, Electronics
Holiday Decoration Junk Removal
Holiday Decorations
Home Appliance Junk Removal
Home Appliances
Office Donation Junk Removal NJ
Office Donations
Office Supply Junk Removal NJ
Office Supplies
Surplus Goods Junk Removal
Surplus Goods

Our services include all labor, sorting, loading, unloading and transportation for all the items you give us. You will receive a tax deduction receipt for your donated articles. By partnering with us, and our charity partners, we create a win-win situation. You free your home of unwanted belongings, which find their way to another good home with the help of our charity partners. Plus, no trip to the landfill, as we all try to do our small part to help the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Junk Removal TruckHave questions about our Junk Removal or Moving Service? Check out some FAQs.

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Have a question before booking?

If there are any questions you have before booking, please call us at (833) 864-8863 or fill out this short form below and our 24/7 customer service team will quickly be in touch. You may also want to read frequently asked questions about moving.

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