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Foreclosure and Estate Clean Outs

Sometimes you need to clean out a house quickly. When it is not your own home, trying to get a home clean can be extra challenging. Evictions, foreclosures, and estate cleanouts are three occasions where you might be responsible for cleaning another person’s belongings from a home.

Meticulous Service

Take It Away today provides reliable, safe, and green estate clean-out services. We meticulously go through the property in the home, separating things into piles for recycling, resale, and trash. This helps save the amount of garbage thrown in landfills while still getting rid of clutter and mess that can keep you from getting the house ready to resale or release.

Foreclosure and Estate Clean Outs

Usually, when you are doing a foreclosure clean-out, you want the house completely clean. In addition to furniture and debris, you may want our junk haulers to remove appliances and even damaged carpeting. However, sometimes you want to keep appliances in the home, especially if you are a landlord, not trying to prepare a home for resale.

Some of the junk we frequently encounter in estate cleanouts includes:

  • Appliances
  • Hot Tubs
  • Trash
  • Yard Waste
  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Televisions and Other Electronics
  • Construction Waste

Professional Experience

While any type of estate cleanout can be difficult, foreclosures and evictions can be particularly tough. When people are having their homes foreclosed or facing eviction, they are usually not worried about the condition of the property. Many do not take the time to clean up after themselves or remove garbage. Some take it a step further and destroy things in the home. That is why it can be so important to have professionals come in to help with your clean-out. We have seen it all and we can handle it all, getting the property ready to refresh faster than you can imagine.

Estate cleanouts are similar to foreclosures and evictions in that you need to get the house emptied so you can ready it for sale or lease. However, they are also different, because they usually involve a household full of beloved and treasured possessions. We usually think of estate cleanouts related to deaths. However, people also need estate cleanouts if they have to downsize, if they are selling the house because of debt, or getting a divorce. In those instances, the estate probably needs more than cleanout. The owners may also want to have an estate sale, to sell any valuable property that is not being kept. Take It Away Today works with estate sale companies to help keep valuable stuff, while hauling away junk that will just get in the way at a sale.

Foreclosure and Estate Clean Outs

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