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How to Choose the Best Moving Services for Local Moves

Finding a local moving service is a little different from picking long-distance moving services. Generally, you are looking for same-day moving services. These services are usually less expensive than long-distance moves. In addition, you may be looking at moving smaller amounts, because you may handle some aspects of a local move yourself.

Find A Local Moving Company

The first question for most people is whether to hire movers or do-it-yourself. Many people think that local moves are easy to handle on their own. You can save lots of money by doing it yourself. However, local movers are less expensive than many people think. That is especially true if you only hire them to handle moving your large or heavy items.

Of course, if you are handling your move as a DIY, you are going to need a truck. If you do not own a truck or have one you can borrow, you will have to rent a truck. You will also have to pay for fuel. While those costs are not going to equal the costs of movers, keep them in mind when comparing DIY to getting movers; the price of movers may seem even more reasonable when you factor in those costs.

Steps To Find Your Local Movers

When you are looking for movers, the first thing you want to do is ask for recommendations. Word of mouth remains a great way to find any type of local services. In addition to asking your neighbors or friends, you can also check online sources. Yelp, Facebook, NextDoor, Google, Angi, and the Better Business Bureau are all good ways to find movers.

Once you have picked a few potential moving companies, you want to get estimates from them. You want to be aware of any estimates that are too low. Those can be signs of moving scams. You want to be careful not to hire companies that do not have a good reputation. A moving scam can cost you far more than the price of good movers.

You should look at companies that charge the local average for moving. Generally, local movers will charge by the hour and for each mover that will be there. Expect to pay around $40 per hour per mover. These prices may vary depending on the size and number of items you have, the number of stories in either home, and other factors.

Take It Away prides itself on our reputation. We are happy to provide you with an estimate for our services.

How to Choose the Best Moving Services for Local Moves

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