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How to Declutter Before Moving

It is so important to declutter before moving. If you do not, then you will just be moving junk into your new home. You save time and energy by decluttering before the big move. However, you do not want to throw out too much of your stuff just in case you need it at your new home. That is why we suggest decluttering room-by-room.

Starting the decluttering process begins with picking the right place to start. It doesn’t really matter which room you begin in, but we do suggest that you declutter your home room by room. Plus, you want to start the decluttering process early, so you are completely ready by moving day.


The kitchen is the hardest room to declutter because you are using it up to the time that you move. First, you want to go through your kitchen items like small appliances, tools, dishes, and pots and pans. Do you regularly cook with them? Sometimes we have items that we do not use frequently, but do use regularly, like a roaster for a holiday turkey. Keep those items. But if you have something you have not used in years, throw it out!

Next, go through the food. Obviously, you want to throw away any expired foods. Also, throw away ketchup packets, etc. that you may have from fast food places. In addition to expired foods, you may want to throw out things with just a little left in the container.

Finally, go through the junk drawer. Throw out any storage containers without lids, extra lids, plastic bottles, etc.

Living Room

Everyone’s living space is unique. So, deciding how to declutter your living room can be personal. Do not move things you will not use in your new home. That may mean getting rid of old collections of VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs, blu rays, and even books! Do you have gaming consoles that you no longer use? Get rid of them. Ditto for magazines, toys your kids have outgrown, and any décor you do not want to use in your new home.


Bedrooms provide a great opportunity for decluttering. Get rid of any clothes that no longer fit or that you no longer wear. Do the same for shoes and accessories. Go through drawers in nightstands or desks and get rid of extra paperwork or other things that you do not use.

How to Declutter Before Moving

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