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Rules On Recycling

Recycling Can Be Confusing…Here are some tips courtesy of the Asbury Park Press!

According to the Asbury Park Press, the local recycling rules are tough to comprehend and very from time to time.  Things like where do pizza boxes go, where do you throw out compact disks, even do banana peels go in the garbage are throwing local residents for a loop.

One helpful suggestion is to use the Recycle Coach App!  You can download it here.  The app lets you view what materials can go where in your local vicinity.

In addition, here are some more suggestions from the Asbury Park Press

Plastic Bags Are Persona Non Grata

Plastic bags mess up the machines are recycling facilities by getting stuck.  Do not use them!

Bottle Caps need to be thrown in the regular trash.

Interesting fact, apparently they become projectiles when crushed at plants.

Cardboard with Labeling and Adhesive are no longer recyclable.

According to the App, “Only brown, corrugated cardboard is accepted.”

Cereal Boxes are actually chipboard, not cardboard.

And Chipboard needs to be placed in trash.

If you eat a Pizza, you cannot recycle the box.

Pizza boxes are not considered recyclable and must be discarded as trash.

Shredded or West Paper can…

not be recycled.  It is regular household trash.

Last But Not Least, your recyclables must be rinsed out!

Junk Rubbish Recycling Guide NJ Junk Removal

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