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How to Choose the Best Moving Services

You need to move. But you are stressed because you don’t know how to move all the stuff you have. And you need some help.

Perfect, that’s what we’re here for.

Get Your Bearings

First things first, do you know how far away you need to move? Will it be in the same apartment? Will it be in the same town? Will it be across the state? Perhaps even across the country? Secondly, do you know when you need to move? If you have pressure to move sooner rather than later, then you will need to take that into account. Also consider how much stuff you will need to move. You may require services if you have a lot of small items, but no large furniture for example. Or you may want to try to borrow a truck and hire a few movers to help if you have a few larger items. Or you may just want the movers to take care of everything. Once you get your bearings on where and when, you can worry about figuring out the best moving services.

Get Referrals

Now that you have defined when and where you need to move, the next best action is to get referrals. Ask friends who have moved who they used. Ask your coworkers if they know anyone. Get as much information as you can because you want to avoid bad companies and scams. At the same time start searching locally. Search through Facebook, Google, Angi, and your local Better Business Bureau to find the best moving services.

Get Estimates

Once you have found a couple companies you are comfortable with, it is time to ask each for estimates. If an estimate seems suspiciously low or requires some kind of deposit, it may be a scam. This should be a cause of concern especially if that company does not have a good reputation. We, on the other hand, provide no-obligation estimates for moving services! During the estimate phase is also a great opportunity to ask the mover directly if they are licensed and insured, which you will want. If you happen to be moving out of state, verify the company’s interstate moving license through the website. If you are staying within the state, you can check a local consumer affairs agency for more information.

Get a Professional

If you still find yourself overwhelmed or want to learn more about the best moving services available please call us at (833) 864-8863.

How to Choose the Best Moving Services

Have a question before booking?

If there are any questions you have before booking, please call us at (833) 864-8863 or fill out this short form below and our 24/7 customer service team will quickly be in touch. You may also want to read frequently asked questions about moving.

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