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Shed Demolition and Removal

Do you have an old garden shed taking up space in your yard? If so, you have three options: leave it alone, restore it, or demolish and remove it.

The first option is the worst option. Sure, it may be easy to let it continue to rot, becoming more and more of an eyesore. However, a broken-down shed in your yard is a hazard. It provides a perfect nesting place for rats, mice, snakes, and other pests. It can be dangerous to enter, making it a potential hazard for anyone on the property. Plus, it is unsightly. Leaving a damaged and broken-down shed on your property is a bad idea, and the problem will only get worse as time goes on.

Refinishing the shed may be a great option. If the bones of the shed are still in great shape, you may be able to restore it to working order in a few simple steps. Sheds are valuable for more than just storage. People use backyard sheds as a way to extend their homes. You can set up She-Shed, Man-Cave, Yoga Studio, Home Gym, Library, or Home Office in a backyard shed. It is a great way to extend your living or working space. If you are a competent do-it-yourself handyperson, you can restore a shed in about a weekend. First, you want to see if the shed still has structural integrity. What is the condition of the floor? Many sheds get water damage on their floors. If your shed is on a concrete slab, it could be broken or sunken. Both make great places for pests to hide. How are the roof and walls? Does the shed have evidence of pests? If you have had a serious pest infestation, you may not be able to restore the building to a decent condition.

When restoring the shed is not an option, or if you just want to get rid of the shed, then you need demolition and removal. Sure, you can tackle demolition yourself. However, demolition can be physically challenging. If you do not take the proper precautions, you can even hurt yourself during the process. Once you have the shed demolished, you still have to get rid of the pieces.

Instead of handling the shed demolition yourself, give us a call. Take It Away Today provides professional demolition and removal services. We can demolish the shed, including removing any foundation or slab. We haul away the parts. You are left with a blank area that you can use however you see fit. For most sheds, we can complete the process in a day. So, give us a call and take a step towards a tidier lawn.

Shed Demolition and Removal

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