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Pool Demolition and Removal

Do you have a pool you no longer use? Whether we are talking about an above-ground pool or an in-ground model, an unused pool is an expensive nuisance. You have to pay costs to maintain it, or else a pool quickly turns into a murky swamp that breeds mosquitoes and attracts other pests. It is also what is known as an attractive nuisance, because it is appealing to children and creates a drowning hazard. If you do not use your pool and you no longer want to spend the money to maintain it, or if it is broken and you do not want to repair it, then you should consider pool demolition and removal.
The cost for pool demolition is about $5,000 on average. That may seem expensive, but it can be a small amount compared to fixing and maintaining a pool. In addition, above-ground pools costs significantly less to demolish than in-ground pools. The best way to estimate the cost is to call for a quote specific to your pool.

The steps you need to take when demolishing a pool depend on your plans and the type of pool that you have. If you have an above ground pool, you have to fully remove the structure. If you have an in-ground pool, you can fully remove it and then fill in the area. You can also collapse the pool structure and fill in over the collapsed area. That is known as a partial removal. However, if you partially remove a pool, you cannot build over the pool area. It may also cause problems for you when you try to sell your property.

One factor that can impact the cost of pool removal is your decking. For both in-ground and above-ground pools, we consider whether you have decking or landscaping attached to or near the pool. Are you trying to preserve it? Will it need to be redesigned in the process? While there may be more material to demolish and haul away if you are getting rid of all the decking as well, it can actually be more expensive to save it because it adds more labor to the process.
When we are quoting costs for in-ground pool removal, we are going to look at several factors. What is the size of the pool? Do you want it physically removed or filled-in? What material is the pool? Fiberglass and vinyl pools can be dismantled and hauled away. Concrete and gunite pools are made of heavier materials and are more labor-intensive to dismantle.

If you want to build on the site of the pool, then your municipal government will probably require you to have an engineer supervise the demolition or backfilling process. This can expand the usable space in your yard. It is also good for when you want to sell your house, because it means you do not have to disclose that there was once a pool in the yard to new owners.

If this sounds complicated, that is because it can be. At Take It Away Today, we make pool demolition easy. Call us about your project. We can come out and give you a quote, then get started on the project. We will have you on your way to a restored lawn as quickly as possible.

Pool Demolition and Removal

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