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Hot Tub Demolition and Removal

There is something very relaxing about sitting in a hot tub. The warm, soothing bubbles and massaging jets can take away your worries and stress as you enjoy your yard. When that hot tub stops functioning properly or when you need it gone, something that was such a source of relaxation can become incredibly stressful. Hot tubs are heavy, difficult to remove, and potentially dangerous. How do you get rid of one when you no longer have a use for it?

Depending on your level of skill and expertise, removing an old hot tub may be a DIY project. You can safely dismantle and break down a hot tub on your own. You can even rent a dumpster to haul the parts to the local landfill or recycling center; the parts will probably be too big for curbside pickup.

Before you start taking apart your hot tub, you need to gather up the tools you will need.

  • Safety goggles
  • Gloves
  • Protective clothing
  • Tarps
  • Drill
  • Screwdrivers
  • Saw (jigsaw, chop saw, reciprocating saw)

Once you have your tools gathered, you need to make sure the hot tub is not connected to electricity or a water supply. Some hot tubs have external piping, while you fill others with hoses. What type of hot tub do you have? Can you turn off the water supply? Is the electricity disconnected? It is not enough to turn off power to the hot tub. Before you begin demolition, you need to make sure the hot tub is completely disconnected from the water supply. You also want to make sure the hot tub is disconnected from any gas lines. You may need a plumber to disconnect the gas and water lines.

Once you know the hot tub is disconnected from water, electricity, and gas, you can begin dismantling it. If the hot tub has a tongue and groove construction, you can begin removing those parts. Otherwise, you may want to start by unscrewing removable parts. Eventually, you will get to the tub. Generally, you are going to want to cut the tub into smaller, manageable pieces. Be careful to avoid nozzles and jets, as they are more difficult to cut. Place pieces on the tarp, for easier hauling.

Does all of this sound like too much work? While demolishing and removing a hot tub may not be complicated, it is still hard work that takes quite a bit of time. Save yourself time, energy, and a hassle by hiring Take It Away Today to handle your hot tub demolition. Our prices are surprisingly affordable, and you cannot beat our professional, high-quality work crews and professional customer service team.

Hot Tub Demolition and Removal

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